Website Content Development

It doesn’t matter what kind of site you are running, if you want traffic then you need content.  I would even go as far as to say if you are not getting enough traffic to your site, then the quick and easy solution is to build more content.  With each additional page you will get more long tail traffic and you’ll build the pagerank of your site.

Kinds of Content

  • Short-term (relevant for less than one year)
  • Evergreen (long-term content which is relevant for more than one year)

So why do we need content anyway?  What purpose does it serve for us?  Here are the three main reasons content is so important.

Attract Searchers

Each page on your website has the ability to attract searchers.  Even pages that you write that aren’t targeted for specific keywords will generate long tail traffic.  Why worry about the long tail?  According to Google around 50% of the searches they process each day are unique, meaning they have never been used before.  This means that you can’t specifically target them because you have no idea what terms these will be.  However, the more content that you have on your site, the more likely you will draw in long tail searches based on your niche.

When building content you want to start to your most sought after terms and then spread out from there.  The further you go from your main targetted keywords, the more long tail searches you will gather.  For my established sites with more than 200 pages, over half of the traffic I receive comes from keywords that I am not actively targeting.

Creates PageRank

Each page that you create on your site adds Pagerank.  The more pagerank your site has the more you are able to influence where it goes on your site.  Directing Pagerank to pages build for high traffic keywords will help you rank near the top of the results for those terms.

External Links

Quality content will draw links from other sites.  These external links can be used either for traffic (nofollowed) or for ranking (passing link juice).  Even though you want all links to your site to be dofollow, you can’t really complain if a nofollow link is giving you visitors, especially if those visitors are converting.  Links that are dofollow help pass pagerank and allow you to go after higher traffic keywords.

Each article that you write will help fill one or more of these purposes.

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