Keeping Track of Your Search Engine Rankings

If you are doing any kind of search engine optimization on your website then I’m sure you have a list of keywords that you are targeting.  These will be high traffic terms that you hope will bring loads of people to your site and help make your site profitable.  It’s a good idea then to track your progress over time, but if you are targeting a lot of keywords it can be a pain to go through each individual one to see what position you are in the rankings.  There is a better way, if you have Excel this spreadsheet will help you automatically track your Google positions.

If you are just getting started and rank outside of the top 30 for your keywords, then this spreadsheet isn’t going to work for you.  It only tracks the first three pages with ten results per page.

Notice that to run the macro you have to hit ctrl-shift-u, but they also have a setting to run the macro automatically.  I just put a reminder at the top of the worksheet of the buttons I needed to press, that way I can look at the data without having it run each time I open the file.

I create several worksheets for each one of my sites, breaking down the keywords I was going for in certain categories.  That way I could compare related data easier without having to scroll across a single worksheet.

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