21 Best WordPress Plugins

I know there are all kinds of best of lists for WordPress plugins, but I figured I would put together my own. I can vouch for all of these and use them personally on every WordPress blog that I create. So let’s get down to it:


1. Ad Rotator – I like to use big banners, but in order to give each sponsor love I rotate through them. This is a free, simple plugin that just reads from a text file.

2. Stripe Ads – A great place to put a text link advertisement is on top of your site.  This is the first place a new visitor will look when they come to your site, so it’s a great way to sell them on something you beleive in!

3. Ninja Affiliate – Convert keywords to outgoing links for products that you are affiliated with!

Spam Protection

4. Askimet – The standard is as good as anything else I’ve found out there.  I feel like it works good enough so that I don’t even really have anything else.


5. All-in-One SEO Pack – Pretty much what the name says.  If you want to get as much search engine exposure as possible you need this plugin.

6. Google News Sitemap Generator – If you have a site listed in google news, then this is a great way to make sure that all of your stories get indexed quickly.

7. Google XML Generator – This works great if you have webmaster tools through google and you want to keep your XML file up to date.

8. No Follow Plugin – This gives you the option when creating a link to make it no follow, which you should do if you don’t “trust” the site you are linking to, or if you are getting paid to link there.

9. SEO Slugs – Keeps your URLS shorter and sweeter.

10. SEO Friendly Images – Automatically adds title and alt tags to the pictures that you post.


11. Comment Relish – A great way to engage the visitors to your blog who end up leaving a comment.  This sends them an email if they are a first-time poster, a great way to thank them and tell them about the different options to subscribe to your blog.

12. Subscribe to Comments – Encourages discussion by allowing commenters to be notified via email of any further comments relating to the post.


13. Feedsmith – Redirects all of your feeds to your Feedburner account.

14. Feed Statistics – Tells you who is reading your blog via RSS and what they are reading.

15. RSS Atom Avatar – Adds an image and favicon to your RSS feeds.

16. RSS Footer – Adds a line of text to the bottom of your RSS feed.  Great for getting the anchor text you want if scrapers are stealing your content, advertisements, or a copyright notice.

17. More Feeds – Use this plugin if you want your readers to be able to subscribe to specific categories.  Applicable for large blogs that have a large amount of content and specific categories.


18. WP Super Cache – Simply put, this makes your Word Press blog faster.

19. Get the Image – If you like to post pictures with each post, this will grab the image so you can post a thumbnail on your archive, category, or home page.

20. Database Backup – You are backing up your data right?

21. WordTwit – Sends out a tweet every time you update your blog.

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