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Self Control – This is a free app that will help keep you from distracting websites.  Check Facebook too often?  Add it to the blacklist and you won’t be able to.  A few sites that I use this app for:

Pomodoro Timer (Mac) – The Pomodoro Technique is an effective time management method.  The goal is to focus for a short period of time (25 minutes) before taking a 5 minute break.

Evernote – I keep all of my notes in here.  I use it as a collection bucket for ideas.  I write my articles in here first.

1Password – Password manager so you can sync passwords across devices.  Also works well with my teams so we can keep passwords in one secure location.

TextExpander – A great way to save time.  If you commonly use something like a closing, or repeat a certain phrase you can create a shorthand with this app so it fills out when needed.

Rescue Time – This helps me figure out how much I’m working and where I’m spending my time when I’m on my computer.

OmniFocus – I like the Getting Things Done method of knocking off my to do list and this helps me keep synced across my laptop, desktop, and iPhone.


Sanebox – Filters my emails into different folders based on the recipient.  Plus it allows me to defer emails until later in the day, tomorrow, next week, or next month.  I use it to keep my inbox clean.

Batched Inbox – This schedules email to be delivered to your inbox.  If someone sends you an email it’s filtered out of your inbox until the times you specify.  You can also “cheat” by checking your “All Mail” or “BatchedInbox” label.

AWeber – I use this to send out my newsletter blasts on each site.

SendGrid – this is for all of the transactional emails coming from my sites.


Instapaper – If I find an article I want to read I save it to Instapaper.  It saves it offline to my app so I can read it whenever I want.  Plus it has a handy speed reading feature so I can go through the content quickly.


Hemingway – An excellent tool to simplify your writing.  I copy and paste my articles into it before publishing.

Sublime Text – This is a program I use for writing or checking code.


Slack – This is the best messaging app I have found that syncs between devices.

Skype – I use this for communicating with foreign contractors and for calling internationally.

Call Recorder – This is what I use to record any podcasts with guests.

Skitch – Allows me to take a screenshot of what I’m looking at and add comments.

Jing – Easy way to make quick screencasts to share.  Helps with explaining almost anything.

Basecamp – The program I use to keep projects and the to do list for my programmers going.


F.Lux (Mac) – If you work late this helps to not mess up your sleep schedule.  Blue light prevents melatonin production. This app removes that light after sun down to make it easier to fall asleep when you are ready to.

Sequel Pro – This is an easy way to access your SQL databases, run some queries, and just view the data in tables.

Transmit (Mac) – This is what I use as my FTP software for uploading and downloading to my servers.

Alana – Free stock photos that you can use.

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